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Is it time to have THAT conversation?

June 24, 2016

You may have someone in your team who is not performing to the required standard, you don’t really need them anymore or they just rub you up the wrong way!

We know that some conversations are difficult but letting the issue fester can be more damaging to your business.

Get the facts – how long have they worked for you, has the issue been raised with them before, has there been any or enough improvement?

Plan your conversation with the employee – think about what you want to achieve. Prepare an outline script to follow.

Listen – give the employee an opportunity to respond to the points that you are raising.

Time to think – do you need to give you and the employee some time to think about what happens next?

What does happen next? Performance management needs to be documented with clear objectives and a reasonable timescale to improve. Dismissals need to be handled carefully in order to avoid potential litigation.

If you need help with having difficult conversations, call us now to arrange a fixed fee consultation to discuss your options.

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